Metric Streamline Collar Shaft Anode (Aluminum)

Metric Aluminum Streamline Collar Anodes

  1. 2-Deep slotted Stainless Steel Screws providing maximum torque
  2. Allen Cap Screws Are Available Upon Request.
  3. Made in USA by Sea Shield Marine

Our famous boat zincs, now in metric! Sea Shield Marine metric streamline collars provide easy size verification, are pressure die cast and conform to the highest Mil-Spec standards. Our Streamline Collars are available in Zinc or Aluminum, install with just 2 deep-slotted stainless steel machine screws providing maximum torque, and are extremely durable.

Part No Shaft Size Thickness Outside Dim Weight(lb) Box Qty
SL-25mm-ALU 25mm 2″ 2-1/4″ 0.428 N/A
SL-30mm-ALU 30mm 2″ 2-1/4″ 0.398 N/A
SL-40mm-ALU 40mm 2-5/8″ 2-3/4″ 0.631 N/A
SL-50mm-ALU 50mm 3″ 3-1/4″ 0.100 N/A
SL-60mm-ALU 60mm 4″ 4-1/2″ 1.947 N/A